10 Fun Ways to Make or Win Money Online!

I have been making money online for about six years and I have come across some truly fun ways to make money. Below are a few ways to potentially to make full time income. Below that are several ways to make a few side money.

Potential Full Time Income:

1.) Sell Your Skills on Fiverr

Can you do voice impersonations really well? Are you willing to pitch products, blogs, or services to your social media following?  Are you an artist who enjoys drawing, painting, or graphic design? Are you willing to advertise a company on your shirt, pass out fliers in your city, or write fake reviews? Fiverr is a great marketplace where you can sell your skills for $5 a gig.

If you can dream it you can most likely sell it on Fiverr. Fiverr has the potential to make you big bucks if you dedicate the time, market your skill well, and get good ratings for your gig. You don’t have to be a college educated professional to sell or get gigs on Fiverr.

Below are several snippets of real Fiverr gigs live now.

From Voicetractor47

From ceeworks

From Adman143
Check out Fiverr here.

Tips for Fiverr:

  1. Stay active! If you do not stay active your gig will be taken out of circulation.
  2. Research your gig. You don’t want to have a gig that has so much competition that you will get little or no notice as a new un-established entity in the Fiverr community.
  3. Consider a gig which which you can make a decent amount an hour. Ex. 2 to 3 gigs an hour. It would be detrimental to you to sell a gig that would cost more time-wise than you are making to do it.
  4. Market your gig on Youtube, Facebook, fliers, word of mouth, etc.

2.) Become an Udemy Course Instructor

Udemy is the “world’s online learning marketplace.” “5 million+ students are taking courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography–and much, much more.” These are quotes taken straight from the Udemy website itself. There are over 22,000 courses being taught by separate instructors on the website.

You don’t have to be a highly educated professor to teach on Udemy. All you need is valuable knowledge to share, time to take the hour long “How to Create your Udemy Course” training course, and the proper equipment (a camera or smart phone that shoots in 720p hd, and a decent microphone) to record your course. When you go through the free training you are given a lot of helpful resources to help make your course successful on Udemy.

Teach about something you know, love, and have fun doing.


  1. Take the free “How to Create Your Udemy Course” training in full and follow the instructions. The training will maximize your chances of having your course accepted to the site, tell you all about course guidelines, and give you a butt-load of resources to help you succeed.
Check out Udemy here.

“Side Hustles”

3.) Sell FREE Freecycled Items

Freecycle is a website dedicated to the reuse of materials, generally-but limited- to household goods, by giving them away for free. Basically you sign up for a free account with the branch of Freecycle operating out of your area. You then respond to the posts that will make you the most money. I have seen everything from books to sewing machines being given away on Freecycle. If you want to learn more about Freecycle click here.

Freecycle Home Page

 Craigslist Free Section is similar to Freecycle. I have seen everything from mobile homes to antique pianos being given away on Craigslist. I have never seen so many antique pianos being given away in my life as I have seen being given away on Craigslist. Learn more here.

I did not put Freecycle of Craigslist Free Section in “Potential Full Time Income” because, though, you may find valuable things to sell, you may or may not be the first person to respond to the post. Generally, you will get what was being given away in a post, but keep in mind that sometimes you may that some people will lie about their item to get rid of it faster. I also urge anyone who is thinking about doing this to be very cautious when picking up items-never go alone, be alert when you go to a pick up, and check the item you are picking up before you put it in your car.

I have picked up a few things from Freecycle and Craigslist, including yarn, books, and mint plants.


  1. Do not wait to respond to a post because the good stuff goes quick. Posts are often first come first served. 
  2. Do a little research to see if what you are planning to pick up is of any value.

4.) Amazon Turk

“The Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing Internet marketplace that enables individuals and businesses (known as Requesters) to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do.”  This is Google’s definition of MTurk.

Mturk is a really awesome way to make money because there is always a task, or 100,000, to be done, you do not have to apply to start turking, and turking is addictive. I wrote about maximizing your profits on Amazon Turk a while back. If you would like to learn more about turking and how to maximize your earning potential on the MTurk site, view my previous blog post about turking here.

Check out the Amazon MTurk site here.

5.) Review Music on SlicethePie

I love Slicethepie and I think you will too. Slicethepie is an awesome way to build your music library AND you get paid while you do it. I wrote about Slicethepie a while back and I suggest you read my post if you want to learn more about how Slicethepie works. Check it out here.

Go directly to Slicethepie here.

6.) Daily Break: Win Money and Prizes in Sweeptakes

I wrote about Daily Break a few months ago. To say the least, Daily Break is a sweepstakes website on which you do challenges consisting of surveys, contests, activities, trivia, etc.  to earn coins which you can use to enter into auctions, buy things in the DB store, and enter raffles. You can also instantly win prizes, gift cards, and money. 

Screen Shot of DailyBreak


Dedicate time everyday to entering sweeps to maximize your potential to win prizes, trips, and money.
Be not discouraged. The more you participate in the challeneges, contests, and trivia the more likely it is you will win something.

7.) Try Apps on Your Smartphone For FREE with FeaturePoints

I wrote about trying free apps on your smartphone using FeaturePoints
Screen Shot of FeaturePoints

I love FeaturePoints! You download the app from the app store, set up your account, link your account to your Paypal, start downloading and trying out apps, your account is credited with points you can use for Amazon gift cars, Starbucks gift cards, and cash-outs to Paypal. I have tried several apps that I still use. 
Tips: Simply keep downloading apps, trying them, and racking up points. Reaching the minimal cash-out point, $5 for Paypal, Amazon, and Starbucks, is very easy.
Check out the app here: FeaturePoints

8.) Swagbucks

I wrote about the awesome-sauce that is Swagbacks a while back. I know it sounds like something pirates use to find booty but it isn’t. It is a site on which you shop, play games, answer surveys, do tasks, watch videos, try trial products and much more to earn points you can then redeem for Paypal cash-outs, gift cards, everything from health and beauty products to electronics, and much more. 
The points rack up pretty quickly when you dedicate a little time to the site.
Swagbucks Partial Order History
I have used my Swagbucks points to donate to charity on more than one occasion as can be seen in the picture above. I have also cashed-out to Paypal several times. 

9.) Become a Survery Taker on Paidviewpoint

I know the survey taking industry has a bad rap because there are so many overly complicated survey sites out there that require you to jump through hoops to do obscenely long low paying surveys so you can eventually cash out a ridiculously high amount that most people get too bored, because they are continuously being disqualified for surveys, with the site to ever reach.

Paidviewpoint is not like that. You always get paid for your time, the cash-out is relatively low at $15, and the surveys are short. Your payout also reaches your Paypal in a fairly low amount of time. 

Read what I wrote about PaidViewPoint here.

10.) Search the Web and Earn Cash and Gift Card

Originally I was going to simply write about Bing Rewards but there are several sites that allow you to search the web, like you normally would, to earn points which can be cashed out for money, gift cards, and other cool stuff.
SwagBucks is already on my list of fun ways to make money but I wanted to point this feature out separately. Swagbucks has a search engine similar to Google, Bing, and Ask. All you have to do is go to the “Search” tab on the Swagbucks site and start searching like you would with any other search engine. 
Swagbucks  Search Bar
Some searches result in you receiving Swagbucks codes which appear at the top of the search results page. You then enter the SwagCode you received into the SwagCode box on the Swagbucks home page. You can use your accumulated points to cash-out to PayPal, redeem for gift cards, electronics, and much more.
Swagbucks has a downloadable toolbar and a plugin that makes searching, entering SwagCode, and watching SBTV really more convenient.
Check out Swagbucks here
Bing I wrote about Bing Rewards a while back.  Basically, you sign up, start searching, earn points, and redeem the points for gift cards from places like Groupon, Starbucks, and Amazon.com. It is really simple.

Check out Bing here.


  1. Dedicate a bit of time daily to your Swagbucks and Bing searches. This is easy to do if you spend a lot of time surfing the web. You might as well get paid in money and gift cards for your searching.

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