21 Reasons Why I Love Working For Zero Chaos

I have been working for Zero Chaos for several months now and I LOVE MY JOB. It is the perfect job for a highly sensitive person who has no significant college education or relevant training. It is perfect for a mother who wants to contribute to the household and take care of the children. I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can’t be too specific but I can tell you a few things about the job. I am an Ad Quality Rater. You can imagine what I do-I rate ads for quality. Below I have listed 20 reasons why I love working for Zero Chaos.

21 Reasons Why I Love Working for Zero Chaos

  1. The job allows me to stay at home with my children.
  2. As long as I work at least 10 hours I can work when I please.
  3. I have the luxury of napping when I want.
  4. My job is all non-phone work.
  5. I was able to train for my job at home.
  6. As long as I have a wifi connection and privacy I can work wherever I want.
  7. My checks are direct deposited.
  8. My pay reliably and consistently arrives on time.
  9. I get paid every week.
  10. My job does not involve e-mail customer service
  11. I can do my job in my pj’s.
  12. I get to choose if I want to be off on holidays.
  13. I don’t have set shifts.
  14. I can breastfeed my babies and work at the very same time. 
  15. I make a full time wage working part time hours.
  16. I can listen to music while I work without restrictions on what I am listening to.
  17. If I report a problem I get a prompt and helpful response.
  18. Zero Chaos has proven trustworthy in every way.
  19. I take breaks whenever I want to.
  20. I can easily work when I am not feeling well if I need to.
  21. I am an employee not a contractor.
Again, I love my job! I want to hear from other WAHM or WAH employees. Please leave a comment stating what you do, why you love it, and how you found your job.



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