4 Ways To Get Free Groceries

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Groceries are expensive these days, especially if you want good nutritious food. Even worse, organic produce is the most expensive produce to buy.

It’s ridiculous!

However, instead of going into the politics of expensive produce, this post will focus on how to get free groceries.

4 Ways to Get Free Groceries

Refer Your Friends to Wal-Mart Free Grocery Pick-Up

Did yo know that Wal-Mart now has free grocery pick up? As a mom, this has saved me so much time. All I have to do is go on the Wal-Mart grocery website, select what I want, and pay for it.

You’re probably wondering how this can help you get free groceries. Well, there are two ways you can get free groceries from Wal-Mart.

If you are a new customer to Wal-Mart grocery pick-up you can click here to get $10 off your first order.

The second way is to refer new customers to Wal-Mart grocery pick-up. Once your friend or family member signs up and makes their purchase, you receive $10 in grocery credit.




Let Wal-Mart Know They Ripped You Off

This may sound like a weird tip but Wal-Mart will reimburse part of your purchase if you have over paid.

How does it work?

That’s simple. Instead of offering a loyalty card to its customers, Wal-Mart compares its prices to prices in circulars at near by stores. If you bought a product at Wal-Mart when you could have bought that product for less somewhere else, Wal-Mart refunds you the difference.

Sweet, right? Wal-Mart + Over charging you= Free groceries.

Your refund comes in the form of a Wal-Mart gift card. You can print the gift card and use it to buy groceries in-store. You can use your card for purchases on Walmart.com but not for Wal-Mart grocery pick-up.

Watch the video below to see how to set you your Savings Catcher app.

Refer Your Friends to Relay Foods and/or Use This Coupon

Relay Foods is several steps up from Wal-Mart. Relay Foods is a healthy online grocery store from which you can buy local, organic, and artisan foods.

It might sound really expensive and it kind of is. So, how do you get free groceries from Relay Foods?

All you have to do is tell your friends about Relay Foods and when they sign up, make a purchase, and receive their first order, you get cash for your referrals through.

Your referral has to spend a certain amount to use the coupon.

Another way is to just use this coupon to get $20 in free organic local groceries with your purchase.

Become and Active Member at Swagbucks

Have you heard about Swagbucks? If you haven’t I wrote a post about it and did a video on Youtube.

This is one of my early video so it’s kind of terrible but informative.

How do you get free groceries from this?

After you have gotten enough points to cash out $5-$50 (depending on the store) you can cash out your points for gift cards for Sams Club, Whole Foods, Visa, or MasterCard. Then you just go shopping as usual. :3

How do you get free groceries? Comment below with your answers.

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