5 Legit Data Entry Opportunities


I received a question from a reader named Pattie. Pattie asked where to find legit data entry jobs. Though this is one of the most popularly advertised work at home jobs, there are often more scams than legit data entry jobs.

I did a little research and my search turned up five opportunities legit data entry opportunities. For these jobs, you will have to have you own computer, internet connection, and for most you will have to be a US resident. Most of these jobs require you to have a Windows based computer as well.

5 Legit Data Entry Opportunities

Number 1

Mega Typers

I made a video on MegaTypers a little while ago and if you want more information check out the video. Mega Typers is strictly for extra cash. The website says you can make up to $200 a month. Basically all you would be paid to do is type in capcha’s. You would be paid through Paypal, ¬†Perfect Money, Payza, or BitCoin.

If you need a code you may use mine: CG3V

Number 2


Xerox, the printer people. Xerox occasionally hires what’s called Transaction processor or Data Entry Clerks. Working for Xerox you would be an employee making about $10 an hour.

Pay is probably through check or direct deposit. This job is location based with jobs being offered in DC, MT, and VT. To see if this job is available visit the Xerox careers page. If you get the job you could make full time pay.

Number 3

Dion Data

Dion Data is one of the few legit data entry companies and it has been in business since 1999. Working for Dion Data, you would be a contractor making between $9 and $13. Pay is probably based on experience.

To work for Dion you required to type 60 words per minute and have a Windows based computer. This job could make you part time to full time pay.



Number 4

Sig Track

Sig track is a company that crowd-sources the data entry of voter registration and petition signatures to contractors. As you can imagine, this opportunity ebbs and flows with the election seasons.

You will need a Windows based computer and dual monitors. Check the website around election time to apply. Pay is $.03- $.15 per signature. If you are fast you can make pretty good money with Sig Track. However, for most people, this is probably an extra cash type opportunity.

Number 5


The last opportunity on this list is one I have written about before. It’s called mTurk. There are over 300,000 tasks on the mTurk site daily and a lot of them are data entry jobs. These tasks are all priced at a few pennies per item to several dollars per project and as a Turker you can work whenever you want.



In the video I made about mTurk I go into more detail about the site in general and how to make the most money working with mTurk. Mturk is open to workers from all over the world and it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of computer you use. This is an extra cash opportunity and pay is through direct deposit.

I hope this post helped someone out there make some money.

Have you worked as a data entry clerk? If so comment below with your experience.

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