5 Ways to Earn Money with Amazon

Amazon is a highly versatile market place that allows you to buy everything from local food to sewing products. Amazon is the largest U.S. based eCommerce site of its kind. So it is no surprise that Amazon has so many avenues for an individual to make money. I was inspired to find other ways to use Amazon as a money making tool when I stumbled upon Amazon Kindle blog publishing. I had no  idea such a thing existed, so some research ensued and this post is the result.

Kindle Publishing for Blogs

If you have been in the blogging business for a while you may understand the importance of monetizing your blog. Kindle blog publishing gives you a way to do just that.  Kindle blog publishing allows bloggers to publish their blogs to the Kindle store. A subscription fee is charged to the user which then allows access to your blog on and offline.
 Since the program is still in Beta there are less people using the service. If you are a blogger, I suggest you hop on the opportunity to publish your blog on Kindle before the competition gets steep.

To register your blog:

  1. Visit Kindle Publishing for Blogs.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Add and preview your blog.
  4. Publish your blog.
The registration is an easy one page affair that you should be able to do in a couple of minutes.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a wonderful affiliate marketing tool that allows you to put targeted banner ads, links, and widgets on your blog or website. If you don’t know how affiliate marketing works, here is a very simple definition of it: referral based marketing in which a business rewards the affiliate, in this case I am the affiliate and blog owner with the business’ ads on my blog, for bringing visitors to the business by his/her own efforts.

If you are a return customer to this blog you may have noticed a few “Sponsored Ads” popping up here and there. I was able to put the ads on my blog because of the Amazon Associates feature. I prefer Associates to Adsense because the application process was easier with Associates. My application was actually rejected by Adsense. 

Sponsored Ad

To open an account:

  1. Visit the Amazon Affiliate homepage.
  2. Create an account if you do not have an Amazon account already.
  3. Set up your account.
  4. Start copy and pasting HTML links, widgets, banners, etc. to your blog or website.

Kindle E-Book Publishing

Kindle E-book publishing is the e-book version of  Amazon Blog publishing. Kindle publishing is a fast, free, and easy way for authors to maintain control of their rights while drawing royalties from their work.

To publish an e-book on Kindle:

  1. Write a great e-book.
  2. Visit the Kindle Publishing website
  3. Log in with your Amazon log in or create an account if you don’t have one yet.
  4. Click “add a new title.”
  5. Follow the instructions on the page.
If you do not have an e-book cover you can use the Amazon e-book cover wizard. The wizard uses royalty free pictures and pre-made layouts to create an e-book cover for your book.
 Writing and selling e-books is a great stream of passive income. The one time effort of writing and uploading quality content could explode into a significant flow of cash.

Sell Your Stuff on Amazon

This is probably what comes to mind when you think about making money with Amazon. Selling stuff on Amazon requires you to open a seller account. You can sign up as an individual or a professional. As an individual you can sell up to 40 items with Amazon taking a $.99 per item plus other miscellaneous fees. As a professional, you have to pay $39.99 a month plus other selling fees.

As an individual: you can add new items to the Amazon catalog, have Amazon handle customer service through Amazon Fulfillment (you send your inventory to an Amazon Fulfillment center and Amazon picks, packs, and ships your products to customers), and you can sell your products in Canada and/or the U.S.

As a professional:  you can add new items to the Amazon catalog, have Amazon handle customer service through Amazon Fulfillment service (you send your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center and Amazon picks, packs, and ships your products to customers), and sell your products in Canada and/or the U.S, use bulk listing, customize your shipping rates on every type of product, you are eligible for top placement on product detail pages, and you can offer special promotions.  


I wrote about mTurk here. The post also has ways you can maximize your profits as a turker. Turking is something your can do today, right now, to make money.

In short, mTurk is a short task platform that allows short task workers, turkers, to do everything from writing articles to searching the web, also know as tasks, for cold hard cash. Most tasks don’t pay much but it is a great way to make some extra cash in your spare time.

To get started:

  1. Visit the mTurk site.
  2. If you already have an Amazon account, log in as a worker. If not create an Amazon account and then return to the mTurk site.
  3. Click “Find HIT’s Now”
  4. Visit my post about maximizing your profits as a turker.
  5. Get started making money.
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