6 FREE Sites That Could Help Boost Your Earning Potential

6 FREE Sites That Could Boost Your Earning Potential
The sites listed below could help you boost your earning potential, as a remote worker or a brick and mortar worker, by allowing you to learn valuable skills for FREE. If you invest the time to learn a highly sought after skill, ability, or even a new trade you could significantly increase your income, pad your resume, or even go into business for yourself. 
I have directly linked to the sites as the heading. I have also linked more to more information in some of the sections. All of the sites below allow you to learn whenever you choose.


Duolingo is a very well put together site that teaches you a language, at Rosetta Stone levels, for FREE. The website has options to learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and much more. I am sure you know how valuable knowing a second language is in this day and age, and once you become fluent you can start a business, become a more competitive candidate on the job market, freelance as a translator- the possibilities are endless.

Learn more about Duolingo here.


I wrote about teaching on Udemy  in my “10 Fun Ways to Make Money Online” post, but this is the first time I have written about learning on Udemy. In short Udemy is a marketplace of learning where over 5 million students learn everything from sewing to yoga. Udemy doesn’t exclusively offer free courses but there are a lot of valuable free courses available on the site. A simple search for “free courses” returns several pages full of results for everything from “Java for Beginners” to “About Life Coaching and Life Coach Training”.

Cheap courses are also available and Udemy is notorious for sales and discount codes.


I am sure you have had some exposure to Youtube in one way or the other. Youtube isn’t just for music videos. In fact, there are a lot of FREE tutorials, how-to’s, and walk-through’s. There is everything from FREE help with resumes to videos on how to whittle. If you want to learn it there is most likely a video with free information on how to do it.

I suggest watching videos by different users on to get the best most accurate information possible. It is also advisable to watch videos from different people because some people are misinformed but most people know what they are talking about.


Codecademy is a FREE interactive website that teaches you how to code in several different programming languages. Codecademy takes you through the process of coding a website step by step and in a way that reminds me of learning English as a child. You are shown an example of a webpage and you follow the examples given to you. You watch your website come to life as you go along and if you make a mistake the program corrects you until you get it right. Just like your mother did when you were learning your native tongue.

You have the option to learn how to make an interactive website, a non-interactive website, and how to make a Ruby on the Rails app. You also have the option to learn Python, HTML, CSS, Ruby, JQuery, JavaScript, and more. The best thing is that it is all completely FREE.

If you want to learn more about Codecademy click here for more information.

I have seen a buttload of posts on Craigslist and Indeed for people who can code, especially Ruby on the Rails and Python. If you can learn these languages you could build websites, apps, or create code for other people. Programmers do not come cheap so, if you have the patience and the mind for programming, I suggest Codecademy.


Learnpython.org is similar to Codecademy. Learnpython is also an interactive site that teaches you code with a code window that translates your code into output. The only difference is Learnpython is a bit less natural with how it teaches you a langauge and the website focuses on Python.


At the top of the page are links for LearnJava, Learn-C, LearnJavaScript, LearnPHP, LearnShell, LearnC#, and a link for programming Jobs.


GCFLearnFree has a wide range of classes that are useful for everyday life. There are classes on job applications, computer basics, computer safety, Windows (8,7,XP, 98), social media, using the cloud, photography, etc.

There are over 125 tutorials on GCFLearnFree and you can learn on your own time.

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