7 Sites That Will Save You Money

Over my years of surfing the web I have come across several money saving websites that are simply made of awesomeness. I think you will find the sites below useful if you are thrifty, frugal, and love to save money on everything from things you need to trips to different countries to clothes. Several of the sites are addictive and could make somewhat of an extreme couponer of you. To be clear, the sites below are coupon, voucher, and cash-back sites that I can personally attest to being safe, legit, and super useful.

Coupon Sites to End All Coupon Sites


Go directly to Groupon here.

Groupon is a coupon site like no other. Businesses post special deals at a lower or discounted price to reel customers in. For example: in my town, TCBY is running a half price deal on frozen yogurt, pay $15 for $30 worth of yogurt. To take advantage of the deal the customer buys a voucher at $15 and takes a print out of the voucher, or shows the voucher on their smart phone using the Groupon app, to TCBY where the customer redeems the voucher for $30 worth of frozen yogurt. A drawback, is that Groupon only seems to run deals in bigger cities. If you live in the sticks you may not find deals that apply to your physical location but you maybe able to find deals that you can redeem online. Also, you often have to use the full amount of your voucher in on setting. Sometimes Groupon offers the option to have your voucher amount split into smaller amounts that can be used separately instead of all at once.

I have seen vouchers for everything from bulk chapstick to vibrating personal toys on Groupon.

Get Cashback on Your Groupon Purchases

Inbox Dollars 

Go directly to Inbox Dollars here.

Inbox Dollars is a site similar to Swagbucks. I have written  about here and here (at number 8) with more to come in the future. Inbox Dollars is similar to Swagbucks in that you can participate in surveys, do cash tasks, trial offers, play games, search the web, watch videos, get cashback for shopping, but more importantly, for this article, YOU GAIN CASH BACK WHEN YOU BUY VOUCHERS FROM GROUPON. This is a very good way to get savings on top of savings. All you do is go to Inbox Dollars, click the “Deals” tab, click through to Groupon, shop, and purchase in the same window you were directed to from Inbox Dollars.


Go directly to LivingSocial here.

LivingSocial is very similar to Groupon but, it has been my experience that, LivingSocial has less deals overall than Groupon does. It is basically the same set up as Groupon where you buy a voucher for a discounted deal and redeem the voucher at a retailers’ location or online.


Go directly to AmazonLocal here
AmazonLocal is very similar to Groupon. It works just the same but some of the deals are not all the same. I suggest checking AmazonLocal along with Groupon and LivingSocial to see if one or the other has a better deal on an item or has an item the other vouchers sites do not have. 
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Regular Coupon Sites


Go directly to Retail-Me-Not here.

Retail-Me-Not is a website coupon site that is just a coupon site. Retail-Me-Not has over 500,000 coupons from 50,000 retailers. The site has an app that makes redeeming your coupons in-store a lot easier than having to print them out. All you have to do to be a successful Not-er is to make sure you check the site before you go shopping and REDEEM THE COUPONS YOU HAVE SELECTED when you get to checkout at the store or online.
Retail-Me-Not is very well organized. When you view a coupon you can see how many people tried to coupon, when it was the coupon was last tried, and how often people have had success with the coupon or coupon code.

Cash Back


Go directly to Ebates here.

Ebates is a website that allows you to get cash-back on purchases you make online from well known retailers. There are a ton of retailers that allow you to get cash-back through Ebates. For example, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and Target allow you to get cash back through Ebates. All you have to do is go to Ebates, sign up for an account if you do not have one already, find the retailer you are shopping with, click on the anchor link( the link that leads through to the retailers’ page), and start shopping. Do not close the window until you are done shopping and have made your purchase. If you do close the window you were directed to, you will likely lose your connection to Ebates and your click may not be registered.

Big Crumbs

Go directly to BigCrumbs here.

BigCrumbs works just like Ebates. Some of the retailers may not be the same on both websites so remember to check both for the retailer you want to save money on.


Go directly to Swagbucks here. 
Swagbucks is a very versitale site for making AND saving money. To learn more about Swagbucks read my post here. If you already participating in other Swagbucks activities I suggest you also participate in the cash back program so you can get Swagbucks faster so you can cash out faster. 



– Use your vouchers before the voucher expires.
**On most voucher sites expired vouchers can still be used as if it were a gift card.**

-Most vouchers sites have a limit on how many vouchers per one offer you can buy. I learned this after I bought several vouchers to a restaurant I liked. I eventually received a message stating that I had hit the voucher limit. I ended asking my husband to buy vouchers with his account.

-Make sure to do a little research to see if you really are getting the best deal on what you are buying. Though voucher sites often have good prices, they aren’t always the lowest prices.

-Visit voucher sites frequently to get see the newest deals because they change daily.

-To get the most savings I suggest checking voucher sites for deals and then comparing product prices against in-store deals.

-Research the business that you are patronizing if you have never bought from that business before. There are a lot of nail salons and massage parlors that are constantly running deals and customers need to be mindful of the quality of service or products that they may receive.

-Make sure, when using cash-back sites, to click on the anchor links, the links that carry you through from the sponsor site (Ex. Swagbucks) to the click through site (Ex. Macy’s) to be sure that your click will register.

– Make sure to check all voucher sites before making a purchase because on or the other may have what you want for less money.

-Whenever possible combine voucher sites, with regular coupon sites, and cashback sites for double or triple the savings.

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