Savings Tip # 6: Make A Grocery List


Savings Tip #6: Make a Grocery List   Are you a list maker? If you are reading this post chances are you aren’t. Not making a list could be costing you money. I know it sounds odd. Think about it, though. It is more likely for you to buy things you don’t need if you go shopping without a list. […]

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Savings Tip # 1: Use It ALL!


Savings Tip #1: Use It All!! As stated in a previous post, I will be writing shorter, but no less helpful, posts for you all. This is the first in a long list of tips that can help you save money. You have probably had the experience of having the last little bit of toothpaste stuck in the tube or […]

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Make Money Reviewing Music with SlicethePie


SliceThePie   Do you love music? Can you write a moderately detailed review of a song? If you love music and can write a relatively detailed review of a song, then you’ll love SliceThePie. SliceThePie is a site that pays you to review music, fashion, commercials, and accessories before those items hit the market. The review site has been in […]

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Make Up to $25 an Hour Delivering Groceries

hello envoy

Are you interested in making your own schedule? Do you like to shop? Do you have a car? If you answered yes to the above questions you maybe a good match for HelloEnvoy, also known as Envoy. HelloEnvoy is a, “family concierge service for seniors and their families.” Apparently, thousands of people have used HelloEnvoy to help themselves or a […]

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Homework: Watch Extreme Cheapskates

This show is no longer available on Netflix or Hulu but it is available on Youtube. If you really want to save money I suggest you watch Extreme Cheapskates. You don’t have to do everything these people do, obviously, but some of the skinflints on the show do have some good ideas. Check it out and look for ways you […]

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