How to Make $300+ in 15 Hours


There are many ways to make $300+ in 15 hours but many of those ways are complicated or hard, or you need an expensive time consuming degree to make that kind of money in that period of time. Well, I am here to detail a way that my husband makes $250-$300 working part time, without using his business degree. By […]

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Free Packing Supplies For Your eBay Items

free packing supplies

If you have ever sold more than one thing on eBay you know how much of an expense buying packaging supplies for your items can be. Even if you use recycled boxes, you may have an issue ensuring your packages are professional enough to send to customers. I mean, who really wants to receive a package in a box that […]

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Free Food Delivered to You From Postmates

free food from postmates

Postmates is a delivery service that has established itself in big cities in the US and parts of Canada. The service delivers food, groceries, auto parts, makeup, laptops, etc. Here are a few examples of what Postmates frequently gives away: Free pizza and a soda  (some Southern US cities), free bubble tea (San Diego), free bubble and free tacos (Phoenix), a […]

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The Number One Goal of the Work at Home Maiden

work at home maiden blog goals

Hello Work at Home Maiden Readers,   First, I would like to thank you for being a reader and viewing my posts and other content. Your attention is so very appreciated. This is just a short post stating the goal of this blog. My main goal for writing and posting on is to help visitors of this site achieve […]

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4 Ways to Get Free Stuff

free stuff

FOUR WAYS TO GET FREE STUFF Everybody loves free stuff, right? Many of us have heard that old adage, “if it is free it is for me,” time and time again. Okay, maybe it isn’t an adage yet. Give it a few more centuries. Anyway, beyond the five finger discount, how does one go about LEGALLY getting free stuff? Become a reviewer […]

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