5 Ways to Get Cash Back on Your Weekly Shopping

cash back

Do you shop? Obviously, if you eat food, wear clothes, or have a house you have to shop at some point.  Right? Anyway, wouldn’t you like to get back some of the money you put out ?  If you answered yes, then the items below are for you.   Ibotta One of the easiest ways to get a bit of […]

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Make Money Reviewing Music with SlicethePie


SliceThePie   Do you love music? Can you write a moderately detailed review of a song? If you love music and can write a relatively detailed review of a song, then you’ll love SliceThePie. SliceThePie is a site that pays you to review music, fashion, commercials, and accessories before those items hit the market. The review site has been in […]

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10 Ways to Monetize your Free Time

Having free time is a wonderful thing, especially since we are becoming more and more accessible to our bosses when we are not physically at work. However, some people have more free time than money, which can be a problem if you still have some ends that need to meet. If you are one of the people who ends up […]

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Review Fashion For Cash

I received an e-mail from SliceThePie announcing that they have reopened their fashion review option.  Here is the e-mail: Happy Wednesday To get you through the rest of the week we have some brilliant new fashion items to review on Slicethepie. Earn at least $0.20 for every single fashion review!Log in to your Slicethepie account here and have your say on the latest trends.Hope you […]

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How TTS Has Helped Me Keep My Job

This has really helped me with my job. One day I was reading a lengthy guideline handout that seemed more like a manuscript than a handout and I found myself glazing over. I thought, “there has to be a better way to do this.” I don’t remember how I came across TTS but I ended up downloading an extension from […]

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