Make Money Reviewing Music with SlicethePie


SliceThePie   Do you love music? Can you write a moderately detailed review of a song? If you love music and can write a relatively detailed review of a song, then you’ll love SliceThePie. SliceThePie is a site that pays you to review music, fashion, commercials, and accessories before those items hit the market. The review site has been in […]

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Review Fashion For Cash

I received an e-mail from SliceThePie announcing that they have reopened their fashion review option.  Here is the e-mail: Happy Wednesday To get you through the rest of the week we have some brilliant new fashion items to review on Slicethepie. Earn at least $0.20 for every single fashion review!Log in to your Slicethepie account here and have your say on the latest trends.Hope you […]

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