Make Money Reviewing Music with SlicethePie


SliceThePie   Do you love music? Can you write a moderately detailed review of a song? If you love music and can write a relatively detailed review of a song, then you’ll love SliceThePie. SliceThePie is a site that pays you to review music, fashion, commercials, and accessories before those items hit the market. The review site has been in […]

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How I’ve Made Money Online: (Video)

money online

I decided to do a video series in which I discussed all the ways I have made money online. This is part one in the series. I talk about a now defunct review site that I freelanced with for a few months. You can read more about here.  I accidentally said that I will be back tomorrow with another […]

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12/16/14 Update: PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE So I did a blog post about not long ago. As off 6/29/14 Steve, the owner, is paying $10 per review/ summary. Hustle your little butts over there and start adding summaries and reviews to his site before he changes the pay out again. Check out my original post here: Post.

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Make Money Reading Books

make money reviewing books

12/16/14 Update: PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE I was recently scouring craigslist when I came across a post searching for people to summarize movies and books. I thought it was an interesting post so I checked it out. Within the hour I had gotten a response from Steve. Here is the response: Hi, my name is Steve and I run […]

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