Transcription Tips to Transcribe Audio Quickly and Accurately


If you have ever searched for a work-at-home or telecommuting job in the past, you have probably come across transcription as a popular option. Basically, all transcription is is typing what you hear in an audio file. As a semi-experience transcriptionist, I have come across a few ways to quickly transcribe audio with a high level of accuracy. How to […]

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What to Expect When Transitioning From A Brick and Mortar Job to a Wah Job

Expect an interview. You will very likely be interviewed by phone or Skype. Expect to supervise yourself. To have a WAH job you have to be a self starter that can do your own follow-up. Expect to be very organized. If you are not organized, especially in the beginning, you may lose important information, documents, miss deadlines, etc. which will […]

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