Do You Have Unclaimed Property, Money?

Claim your cash?!? What do you mean? Well let me tell you? My mother, nosy- I am curious as she is, was surfing the web when she came across an unclaimed propert website. She typed my name in and discovered that I had unclaimed wages from a previous job. This was a job I thought I had gotten all of my wages from.

How Do I Find Out If I Have Unclaimed Property?

If you have ever worked, been a beneficiary, been part of a class action law suit, been an heir, or had any kind of dealings with property, you may have unclaimed property floating around. To find it, if you have unclaimed property, you can do a search for unclaimed propert on Google or you can follow this link. After you follow the link you will search by state or type of property, and then you follow the directions.

I Have Unclaimed Property! What Do I Do Now?

To put it briefly, you will be asked to snail proof of your address and proof of your identity to an address that will be listed on the website. You will also be asked to sign an affidavit confirming that you are the owner, heir, or a second party in referrence to the claim. You will then send all of the required paper work to the appropriate treasurer for your location. After that you will be contacted by mail and given the next steps you need to take to complete the claim.

Once you have done all you can do and your claim has been successfully process, your property will be released to you and you can enjoy.
I hole this helped someone get their property back. 
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