4 Ways to Get Free Stuff


Everybody loves free stuff, right? Many of us have heard that old adage, “if it is free it is for me,” time and time again. Okay, maybe it isn’t an adage yet. Give it a few more centuries. Anyway, beyond the five finger discount, how does one go about LEGALLY getting free stuff?

Become a reviewer

There are  many ways to get free stuff in exchange for your time and words. You do not have to be an established blogger or have a large internet following to do this. If you are willing to write a detailed review you can get all kinds of free stuff. Some people even make it a business on Youtube, Fiverr, and other platforms. If you are interested in some legit places that send you free stuff in exchange for a review, check out my previous posts on BzzaAgent and Swaggable. 

Redeem coupons

This is probably one of the easiest ways to get free stuff, especially since everybody has to shop. Manufacturers know this, and they want your money, so they entice customers like you to their establishments using many different tactics. Coupons are one of the most common tactics that they use to get you inside their businesses. Because of this, coupons are everywhere. The best ways I have found to get free stuff using coupons is through the travel club I belong to, and through sites like Groupon, Living Social, and RetailMeNot.

My travel club is dedicated to saving its members money and has a section in the app and on its website that has a bunch of active coupons for a range of different businesses. Some of the coupons are exclusive to the club. Most of the coupons can be used more than once. Many of the coupons are  buy one get one free on everything from oil changes to Lone Star Steakhouse.

Groupon and Living Social are sites that promote restaurants and stores by running unbeatable deals, many of which are buy one at a discounted rate and get one free. A good example of this can be read on the following link: Four Large Papa Johns Pizzas and Cheese Sticks For $26.50.

RetailMeNot is simply a website with a huge collection of coupons that can be redeemed online or in-store. Some coupons can be printed off, some you just have to show on your smartphone using the RetailMeNot app.  Sometimes inactive coupons are mixed in with active coupons which can be a bit annoying. The best thing about this site is that the coupons are on your phone and you don’t have to carry them around or forget them at home.

There are even apps like SavingStar and Ibotta, which are  apps that basically exchange your shopping list information for small amounts of cash and gift cards,that give you partial refunds on household items you buy. SavingStar also has a weekly “free item” that you can redeem while shopping. If you have a loyalty card for a SavingStar partner store and you attache your loyalty card to your SavingStar account you can get automatic savings from the partner store.

For more information on how to get free stuff by using coupons check out my post: “Homework:Watch Extreme Couponing.” The people on this show make shopping with coupons a profession almost. Remember to take notes.

Join Mailing Lists

Restaurants often attempt to attract customers sending offers for BOGOF or otherwise free stuff. Just look at what Chiptole did at the beginning of 2016. Basically, they gave away millions of burritos to make amends for their food borne illness scandal, but you had to join their mailing list to get it.

Sometimes strings, beyond joining the mailing list, are attached. For example, you may need to buy a minimum amount or something similar to this. Sometimes you simply have to redeem the offer as directed. A good time for you to get a bunch of free via this avenue is around your birthday. For a list of places that give you free stuff on your birthday visit: 22 Places to Get Free Food on Your Birthday. Get ready to join a bunch of mailing lists. You could have a full day of totally free food.

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Free Stuff from Sweeps

This isn’t the most reliable way to get free stuff. However, you can win large items like cars, houses, and trips. Most people only enter sweepstakes here and there. Some people make it a second job. The more time you devote to entering legit sweeps the more likely it is that you will win. Here is a legit sweeps site that I can attest to: Sweeps Daily. For some direction on how to win big, read my post called “Yes, People Really Do Win Sweepstakes.” You can also see a few things I have won in the blog post.

So, how do you get free stuff. Shoot me an e-mail with your answers, comments, concerns, or questions: workathomemaiden@gmail.com.

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