What is Free Eats?–Make Money Simply By Receiving Texts!?!?

I was surfing the web, like I often am, when I came across an interesting “pay-per-view” site called Free Eats. At first I thought it was some kind of coupon site to get free food. It turns out I was wrong.

What is Free Eats?

FreeEats is a “pay-you-to-view” mobile phone network that pays registered users to view advertising, to do surveys, view other content, and download apps. Registration is free. Since I have been a member, I have been paid to simply to receive messages, download a game app, join mailing lists, join to receive stuff in the mail, and take several short surveys.
The most recent text led to a survey that asked the me if I was watching the Super Bowl. If I was, the survey wanted me to rate Super Bowl commercials.

Be aware that your mobile carrier may charge you per text, depending on your data plan. However, FreeEats is totally free to use.


What Are Messages Like?

Typical messages looks like this:  

Basically, I receive a message that says I have been paid and there is a link that would lead me to a survey or other activity. Below the link there are rules and instructions to help me do the activity successfully and also listed is how much the activity pays.
Update: Free Eats has been sending more messages asking you to do an activity before you get paid.

How Often Would I Receive Messages?

Since I signed up on January 8, 2015 I have received six messages. The messages have come on the January 18, twice on the 19,21, twice on the 24, and February 1. I imagine it is about the same for everyone. I was pleased to see that Free Eats wasn’t one of those sites that has you sign up but rarely sends you anything. I was also pleased to see that Free Eats doesn’t seem to disqualified users from surveys.
Update 6/23/17: This seems to be a seasonal opportunity. Since I joined in 2015, I have received a cluster of texts here and there and then no texts for a while.

How Do I Get Paid and How Much?

Free Eats pays its users through PayPal. Obviously, without a PayPal account you will not get paid for your efforts, so take that into consideration when you are thinking about signing up for Free Eats.

I have received $.25 per message and $.50 to $1 per survey or activity so far. Since I signed up on January 8, 2015 I have received $3.50. Some of the surveys come with a message that basically says you have to respond to the survey within a certain amount of time OR be part of the first however many respondents to get paid.
I can personally confirm that FreeEats pays promptly. When the messages are received the inital $.25 is already in my Paypal account. The money from the other activities shows up in my Paypal within three days.

Are There Other Ways to Make Money with FreeEats?

Besides getting paid to view messages and getting paid to do surveys, download apps, etc., you can make money by referring your friends. To do this you must forward your referral link ,that will be received after you register for Free Eats, to your friends and family. If someone signs up under you you will be paid a dollar.
You can be paid up to $50 before you cannot be paid for referrals anymore. The cap on referrals is in place because Free Eats has only committed $25,000 to their referral program. Learn more about Free Eats’ referral program here.

You will not get rich with FreeEats but getting paid to receive texts is easy money. Signup for FreeEats here.

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