Free Food Delivered to You From Postmates

Postmates is a delivery service that has established itself in big cities in the US and parts of Canada. The service delivers food, groceries, auto parts, makeup, laptops, etc. Here are a few examples of what Postmates frequently gives away: Free pizza and a soda  (some Southern US cities), free bubble tea (San Diego), free bubble and free tacos (Phoenix), a free pizza and a soda (Denver), and other free stuff for your delivery area. The deals change weekly, so check the app weekly. There are two ways to get this deal AND the delivery totally free.


Get The Deals

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer all you have to do is tell a friend or two. When they sign up for Postmates and make their first purchase, you will receive $10 in delivery credit and your friend will also receive $10 in delivery credit. Make sure to give them your personal referral code. Your personal code can be found by clicking “deliveries” (in the app) and then by clicking “invite”. Once you are under this tab you will see a similar page as seen in the photo below. It will be a four letter code.

There seems to be no limit on how many new customers you can refer, so go nuts.

Easy peasy!
New Customers
If you are a new customer to Postmates and no one has referred you, but you still want the instant $10 in delivery credit, you may use my code.

To do this:

1. Download the Postmates app from the app store or use the Postmates website.

2. Create an account.

3. IMPORTANT! Before you order your first order, click settings, click add promo code, and enter CUVG.

4. Order and enjoy some free yumminess.

Postmates gives away free food weekly across the country, so I suggest checking the app to see what is available frequently.
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