Free Packing Supplies For Your eBay Items

If you have ever sold more than one thing on eBay you know how much of an expense buying packaging supplies for your items can be. Even if you use recycled boxes, you may have an issue ensuring your packages are professional enough to send to customers. I mean, who really wants to receive a package in a box that already looks like it has been beaten up? Wouldn’t it be nice to cut the expense of shipping materials by using brand new FREE USPS flat rate boxes that you received FREE OF CHARGE?

eBay is giving sellers free USPS flat rate boxes of different sizes to send items bought by customers from the auction platform. So, how can you get your free boxes?

Watch the video below to learn how.

Here is the link in the search bar in the video. You can start there and go through the process seen in the video. The delivery of your boxes is also free. Don’t you just love free stuff?

Happy eBay Selling!!

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