How Pizza Lovers Can Save Money and Get Free Pizza!!

I bought some pizza today much to my tight pocketed husband’s chagrin. I love Papa Johns pizza. If anyone asks me where I want pizza from I will always say Papa Johns. Anyway, Papa Johns has a program where you earn a free pizza after racking up 25 points. I know Papa Johns pizza isn’t the cheapest pizza but if you use the online ordering tool on the Papa Johns website you will rack up points.

How It Works

1. Sign up for a free account. If you do not have an account your points will not register.
2. Buy pizza.
3. Repeat and wait for the points to rack up.

More Pizza Savings

Papa Johns always has discounts for pizza in the ad’s in most news papers. Papa Johns and other pizza places generally have discount codes in ad packets like Valpack, Dealsaver packets, and local newspapers.

Pizza Savings Online

I always check out RetailMeNot for coupons if I do not have a physical coupon. You can use for more than just pizza.

Get Free Pizza

If you know anything about you know that there is just about everything on there. I came across a sub-reddit called Random Acts of Pizza. Basically you submit an offer for pizza or a request for pizza and wait for someone to respond. I have seen a lot of contests on this sub-reddit where the winner gets a free pizza. Some restrictions do apply, though they are not hard to follow. You have to read the rules for the sub-reddit. My personal experience with this sub-reddit is very positive. I got a response quickly when I posted on Random Acts of Pizza.  Check it out here: Random Acts of Pizza

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