How I’ve Made Money Online: ZeroChaos (Video)

Have you ever wondered how to make enough money online to support yourself? I did too and it took me a couple of years of working in a difficult position in a difficult place to finally commit to finding a different job that would fit in my life better. At the time I had just had my first daughter and I wanted, more than anything, to be at home with her. That’s when ZeroChaos dropped into my lap.

I applied in July of 2014 and I was on-boarded as an ad quality rater in August that same year. Since I was consistently making $15 an hour 30 hours a week, I quit my job as a CNA as an assisted living facility, and did the ad quality rater work. Flash forward two years, I am still working with the company.

In the video, I discuss my personal experience. I also talk about how to tell if ZeroChaos, and other work at home jobs, are legit. I go through how much you can make, how much work you can expect, how you get paid, and a bit about the company. I hope this video will help someone make an informed decision about applying and working for ZeroChaos.

A few more things to consider, if you ever get the chance to apply for ZeroChaos:

You need to use your cell phone as a timer to accurately log your hours. Do not use a time that is web based.

You can find ZeroChaos listings on Craigslist, on my job leads board, or on other legit job leads boards.


If you would like to see the other videos in the series visit my Youtube channel, or click herehere, here, and here. You can read other posts I have written about ZeroChaos here and here.


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