Learn a Language FREE (Better Than Rosetta Stone)

Duolingo is an awesome website that uses a unique system to teach you a language. You have the potential to go from completely uni-lingual to multi-lingual in a very short period of time. I have been half assing it with Duolingo for about a year. I have dabbled in Spanish, German, Italian, and French. Spanish is my favorite language and I have gotten over half way through the Spanish course and I can read and understand a good chunk of real Spanish. I am also starting to understand the language as spoken by South Americans.

I love the program because I can do the exercises on the site and retain information even after being inactive for a stretch of time. That sure beats memorizing vocabulary lists, listening to long boring repetitive tapes or cd’s, or trying to learn the language from a text book. It also beats paying over $200 dollars for a highly recommended product, Rosetta Stone, because the website is FREE to use.

Duolingo is also more organized and well put together than most language learning websites that I have seen.


I will say it again. Duolingo is free to use. It takes you from beginner to advanced and teaches you by correcting you when you make a mistake. It doesn’t teach you grammar and memorization like you may have learned in high school. The program teaches you more like your parents taught you when you were learning your native language. It is more natural.

Duolingo offers “Immersion” simply meaning the site has real material written in native Spanish dialects that you are encouraged to translate for practice. Your peers will review your translations and let you know how well you did most of the time.  Duolingo also gauges your progress and periodically provides an estimated percentage of how much of a language you should be able to understand, read, and write. If you are inactive for a long period of time your percentage goes down as your knowledge gets fuzzy. The exercises you did on the website will also “degrade” meaning you have to go back and practice the exercises that you have completed because practice makes permanent.

There is also a discussion tab so you can ask the Duo-community questions and get answers. There is a “Words” tab were you can see the words you have learned and that is are often helpful notes on grammar and other helpful tips at the bottom of every new lesson.

I know Duolingo isn’t a site you can directly make money off from. However, I think it is a good site to post on this blog because knowing another language is a money maker in itself. Once you become proficient in a second language you can market your skills and potentially make a lot more money that someone who only speaks one language. 


When I was first researching Duolingo I came across an enormous amount of information about how Duolingo, FREE, is better than Rosetta Stone, over $200. Below are some of the links that convinced me. I really didn’t need a lot of convincing but the information was still interesting.

Amy Vasant
Duolingo Posting about External Research

If you don’t like my links I suggest you do your own research. I will always suggest you do your own research.

Pros: Cheaper (Free) and better than Rosetta Stone.
Easy and fun to learn a language.

Cons: Does not have as extensive a list of languages to learn as Rosetta Stone. They are working to fix that though

Happy Learning Y’all!

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