Learn to Write Code for FREE with Codecademy

Codedcademy.com is an interactive website dedicated to teaching people how to write computer code. If you know anything about programming computers you know that it is a continuously expanding field. You also know that people can make bank as a programmer. Many people, like my husband and brother-in-law, went to school to get into the IT field and that can be expensive. If you can teach yourself to code you can save a lot of money and land lucrative jobs or side gigs.  I tried the site and it is really easy to use and the interactive part is fun to watch change which is a big plus.

You will not directly make money with CodeAcademy.com but this is a site that can help you make money after you learn to code. The site is interactive which means the code you are learning to manipulate changes the site or whatever you ware building before your eyes. This all takes place in a two pane window on your screen which is so cool to watch.  It is a really fun way to learn languages like Python, HTML, CSS, Java, Ruby, and PHP.

Once you learn how to code there are so many jobs out there for you. I see a lot of remote jobs on Craigslist for people who can program codes that are listed above.

Pros: You learn to code for free which means there is little monetary investment with a big potential monetary return.
The site is easy to use.
You write the code and see the result instantly.
Sign up is free.
You can learn at your own pace.

Cons: You do not earn a degree from a university.
There will be no teacher riding you to do your work.

Again here is the link for Codecadcemy.

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