LEGIT Freebie Sites for Referral Agents, Freebie Traders, Etc.

Yes, some of these sites I have completed and if you are interested in completed a few for me we can talk about that. However, many of these I haven’t completed and from my research and experience they are legit and do pay as long as everyone does as they are required.

A 1 credit site is a site on which you have to do enough offers to make one credit.

These are the sites I have personal experience with:

(XBOX) 3604free Refer people and get cash or Xbox stuff or cash gift cards,

  • Younintendowii4free  Refer people and get cash or Nintendowii packages. This is a one credit site so, if nothing has changed, it . Sites in the “4free”, TRAINN sites, often only require one offer to green the site.
  • 40buxCustomFreebies Requires one referral to cash out $40. This is a one credit site.
  • ClickTwo.CustomFreebies This one is a sister site of 40bux. You only have to do two offers to green and you only have to find one referral for a $30 payout.
  • DesktopComputer4Free The rewards include cash or desktop computers. You generally only need to do one offer to complete this site. Sites
  • Flashipod4free This is another site in the TRAINN family. Once this site is greened and you meet the referral requirements you can get money or ipods.
  • Gamingfreefactor is a 1.5 credit site. It is the first I ever completed. It took six offers but it was worth it because one referral is $60. You can earn a Wii, a PSP, or Xbox Elite. 
  • hdtv.freefactor This is the companion site to Gaming.freefactor. You only have to do one offer to gree the site.
  • Pick2Customfreebies This is an easy sister site of 40bux. It is another one that only requires you to do two offers.
  • OneOfferRewardMouse This is a half-credit one offer site that is very easy to green. Since Ihave greened this site it has fallen under new management. 
  • FlatScreen4Free This is another one offer TRAINN site. This one rewards you with flat screen televisions or cash.
  • YourIpodNano4Free This is another TRAINN site that pays in Ipods and cash.
Sites that are LEGIT but I haven’t have experience with:
Referralswapper has an enormous list of legit sites with ratings.
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