Enter Legit Sweepstakes and Make Money

Do you have enough determination to click a couple buttons a day? If you said, “Yes,” making money from legit sweepstakes might be for you.

Statistically, the more sweeps you enter the better off you will be in the winnings department.

Enter Legit Sweepstakes and Make Money

Over my years of making money online, I have entered contests and sweepstakes here and there. My winnings were small but they were winnings nonetheless.

My results are typical results for someone who enters sweeps on and off. Over the years I have won a tee shirt, a $25 gift card to an upscale restaurant, a bunch of coupons, tickets to see The Color Purple in a live production, and a $20 Wal-Mart gift card. I also won I won a couple of Twix and a bunch of songs. This saved me money because I love music and Twix.
I think that is a good bit of stuff and I am grateful for it all.  😀

Here are some tips for newbies who are thinking of entering online sweepstakes.

  1. Do your research on the sweeps or contest you are thinking about entering.
  2. Know that someone has to win (LEGIT) sweeps. I promise you will never win if you do not enter, so don’t wait-go ahead and enter.
  3. Most companies do sweeps to fatten their newsletters lists. This means that you will probably get a bunch of newsletters in your email or snail-mail that you don’t necessarily want.
  4. If the sweeps has an option to opt out of the newsletter opt out. I suggest you create a specific email for your sweeps entries to keep your personal email clean and tidy.
  5. Legit sweeps will never require an up front fee. Though, some do require a product code from a product you have purchased. Coke is notorious for this.
  6. If you are going to do sweepstakes, set a time each day to do your entries to maximize your results. If the entry frequency is daily you are going to want to make sure you enter everyday. Don’t sweat it if you miss a day but entering everyday is the best way to maximize your chances of winning.
  7. Consider the positive consequences as well as the not so positive consequences of winning. For example, if you win a car you will have a new car but you will also have a new tax bill. If you win a million rolls of toilet paper you will be set for life but where will you store the toilet paper. If you win money you may have to pay gift taxes on the money and so on.
  8. Do your research to make sure your sweeps are legit and to make sure the company is reputable. SERIOUSLY, DON’T BE THAT GUY THAT GOT HIS IDENTITY STOLEN BECAUSE HE ENTERED A SWEEPS THAT WAS SHIFTY. I say this twice because it is important.
  9. Consider using a sweepstakes site, a website whose sole purpose is to collect legit sweeps for users. This method is quicker than searching Google for individual sweeps.

Where to find LEGIT Sweepstakes

For a long time I used Sweepsdaily.com, but they seem to have fallen by the wayside. Here is a list of legit sweeps sites that are current on the latest sweepstakes and contests.

  1. TheBalance.com– There are a lot of sweeps, contests, and giveaways here.
  2. DailyBreak– Take interesting surveys and redeem points in sweeps.
  3. Swagbucks– This site is an interesting site. You can either use the points you earn on gift cards outright or you can use your points to enter sweepstakes.
  4. OnlineSweepstakes.com– A crap ton of giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests.
  5. SweepsAdvantage- A large directory of sweeps and contests.
  6. ContestGirl.com– There are a lot of sweeps, contests, giveaways, and free samples here.
  7. SweetiesSweeps– This site is full of sweeps and giveaways.



Watch Youtube sweeps reveals for inspiration and when you feel like giving up. I also suggest you watch Winning for a Living:
YOU could win big so if you are interested start looking into entering sweepstakes and contests. They are everywhere.
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