Make $15-25 Per Half Hour with Rover

Are you a lover of animals? Do you have space to watch small to large dogs? Do you have the time to drop in and spend half an hour with a dog in or around his/her home? If you answered yes to most of the questions above you maybe a good match for petting sitting with Rover. Even if you answered no to the above questions but you have time to drop-in, you maybe a good fit for house-sitting.

Rover is a sitting service which caters to pet and house owners. The service offers sitters a work-when-you-want, 1099, opportunity. As a contractor you will have to go through an application process but it requires nothing out of the ordinary. Basically, you will be required to fill out a 1099 form, you will have to upload a clear picture of your with your dog if you have one, and you will have to fill out some information about yourself. You may also have to pass a background check.

So, How do You Make $15-25 Per Half Hour?

Once you are accepted as a contractor, you can start accepted jobs. The system of communication is pretty easy to use. People looking for the services you are offering can message you directly. When they do you will receive a message on your phone. Don’t worry, your number is masked and so is theirs and you can discuss times, places, and other details. I suggest that you meet the dog, cat, or other before you commit to watching the animal.

Working with Rover, you can choose to exclusively offer house-siting, overnight pet boarding, drop-in visits, or doggy daycare services. It is also up to you if you want to offer all of those services as at one time or another. You can also set your own schedule and offer your services whenever you are available to do so. Rover also allows you to set your own prices. It is advisable for new unrated contractors to set lower prices until they have decent ratings. Once you have a few good ratings, you should raise your prices. Note, this is a suggestion not a requirement. This brings us to the $15-25 per half hour.

Drop-in visits through this service last a minimum of 30 minutes . Even as a brand new pet sitter you can charge $15 for a half hour drop-in visit. It takes time but once your business has grown and you have repeat customers, you could be making $30-50 or more per hour. These are average prices I have seen on Rover. Remember, you may charge what you wish.  Happy pet sitting!

If you would like to pet sit and have your pet sat use my link and you will receive $20 toward your first pet sitting.

Are you a dog lover? Answer below with your answers.


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