How to Make $300+ in 15 Hours

There are many ways to make $300+ in 15 hours but many of those ways are complicated or hard, or you need an expensive time consuming degree to make that kind of money in that period of time. Well, I am here to detail a way that my husband makes $250-$300 working part time, without using his business degree.

By day my husband is a mild mannered desktop technician; by night he transforms into a superhero. You don’t have to be a college graduate but you do have to be a super hero to make $300+ in 15 hours…or a stripper, which I am pretty sure he isn’t. Just kidding. All my husband does is drive. I still think my husband is pretty super either way.


Anyway, my husband has been driving for 16 years, but in the past two years he started cashing in on his driving skills by driving for Uber. Briefly, Uber is a service that employs independent contractors who use their own cars to transport people from Point A to Point B. The service has no schedule which drivers are required to adhere to, so drivers can log on using the smart phone app whenever they choose. Pay is determined per minute and per mile and is deposited directly into your bank account weekly. The service is available globally, so it is highly likely that it is available where you are or in a city near you. Since Uber offers a work-when-you-want kind of schedule, my husband has been driving for them on and off for two years.

He has only been active about four months out of the two years he has been registered as a driver. As an Uber driver my spouse was required to have a background check, his driving record checked, valid registration/insurance, and a valid license, and his car had to be made in 2005 or later. If this sounds like you, you are on your way to potentially making $300+ in 15 hours too.

This is How He Did It.make money fast with uber

A nearby city apparently has an Uber driver shortage semi-frequently. To encourage drivers from all over the area to fill in the holes, the service ran a promotion guaranteeing drivers who are willing to drive in the above mentioned city $21 an hour Thursday( April, 21),$24 an hour Friday (April 22) , and $28 an hour Saturday (April 23). That was before tips and other circumstances. The weekend of the 21-24, the $300 weekend, my husband worked 10pm to 3am Thursday-Saturday.

On normal weekends, my husband makes about $250 for his 10pm-3am “shift”. Uber occasionally does promotions like this for drivers in our area. I am fairly certain Uber does this in other areas worldwide. Even if they don’t do promotions like this in your area, drivers report making $20 an hour for peak hours. The Uber site states that you could make up to $35 an hour, so a promotion might be motivation to drive but it does not mean you cannot achieve high paying weeks or weekends otherwise. Though there are a lot of variables,  if you meet the requirements and need a flexible schedule, Uber is a great way to make good money.  **Your results may vary. **

Somethings to consider:

Uber does not assist with car maintenance fees. However, there is apparently a way Uber can help drivers and potential drivers get a car with the Uber Xchange Leasing program.

Uber also offers drivers the option to rent a phone with a basic coverage plan for $10 a week.

You will have to keep up with your own mileage for tax purposes.

Uber does not deduct taxes from your pay, so you will have to keep up with that information as well.

If your rating as a driver drops below 4.6 your account will be deactivated.

If you are interested in signing up to be an Uber driver, and you want a bonus $25, please use this link.


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  1. Thanks for the tip, but if I had a 2005 model vehicle or later, I wouldn’t have to hunt for online ways to earn money in the first place,,,lol.

    1. Lol. Since it is a flexible schedule kind of thing, I thought someone could use the information.
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