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I was recently scouring craigslist when I came across a post searching for people to summarize movies and books. I thought it was an interesting post so I checked it out. Within the hour I had gotten a response from Steve.

Here is the response:

Hi, my name is Steve and I run a book and movie plot summary service called We categorize books and movies by plot, setting, character traits, and theme, and make all of that searchable. (We’re #2 on bing  for “book reviews” and #1 on google for “detailed book reviews”). We also pride ourselves on having detailed plot summaries.

That’s where you come in. I want to hire you to write plot summaries for my service.

How much do you get paid?
You can make up to $7 per plot summary, and you get to pick the American fiction book to summarize (assuming no one else has summarized it–we have a button on the site where you can check for that), and you only need write a few paragraphs about it. You can quickly accumulate money this way. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to complete a summary and related questions within 20 minutes or so, we have many reviewers who do 3 an hour, so you could easily make $21 an hour….and it’s all about movies and books you’ve already seen.  You’ll have to write a short plot summary, categorize the story by plot and character, and answer a few very short written questions about it.

What does “up to $7” a summary mean?
If you meet two conditions. You get paid $7 if you submit (A) a DETAILED plot summary of a book that (B) hasn’t been reviewed on You get paid less if these conditions aren’t met. If done right, a detailed summary has A BARE MINIMUM of 225 words, and often more (some of our reviewers write 300-400 words).  But it’s not just the word count–you really need, step by step, to explain the plot.

Here’s a good $7 one.

When do you get paid?
Summaries are processed within 48 hours. You get paid on paypal when you reach $40 (but not more than once a week). Each time you submit a review that we accept, we will send you an email telling you (a) we added it to the database (b) your dollar totals and (c) how much more you need to reach payout.

Will you ever get paid?
If you look at the sheer # of new summaries, and the names of repeat reviewers, you can see either we have a lot of people working for free out of the goodness of their hearts… or that we are actually paying them!  I have reviewers I have already paid over $1000 to, like this one

You can do movies as well as books, but we are really focused on BOOKS, especially FICTION.

You can start any time you’re ready by going to the link above and registering your first plot summary, which will register you into the system. You set the pace of what you review and when. My STRONG recommendation is for you to submit one plot summary, and wait for feedback, to see if we’re a good match.

The thought crossed my mind that this site might be a scam. I mean, the site doesn’t look extremely well put together and the design is simple. Sites that look similar to this one tend to be a red flag for me. However, I still decided to try writing summaries anyway. I mean how are you going to scam a person using this method?

In the past 30 days (today is 6/1/14) I have done 17 reviews. 14 of my reviews have been accepted to the site. A few of my reviews have been paid below the maximum of 7 dollars. Overall, for my efforts I have been paid $81.5 to my Paypal. I am pleased with It is an interesting concept for a search engine. With every good thing there are good things and bad things though.

Pros: You can make money and easily fund your movie or theater habit. *I use to pay for my Netflix and Hulu accounts.*
You can use your free time to make a decent amount of money online doing something fun.
You get a quick response from the editor/owner.
When you cash out you will get paid within 48 hours.
YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WATCHING MOVIES!!! Hello, that is like the biggest plus ever.
You are considered an independent contractor which means you can do this whenever you choose to. You make your own hours.
New movies are constantly being made and there are a lot of movies that will qualify to be added to the site. There will always be a movie you can summarize.
You can easily make the $40 cash out ceiling especially if you are a big movie buff and you like to write.

Cons: If the movie you watch or the book you have read are already on the site you only get paid about 20 cents for your review if you do one.
You are an independent contractor. You have to keep up with your own taxes.
Some movies reviews will be rejected and you will not be informed of the rejection unless you ask.
Movies older than 1970, some horror movies, all religious movies, movies that grossed below 5,000,000 at the box office, and some movies that “don’t fit” the site will not be accepted OR you will be paid less than a dollar for your summary.
There is not referral program.
Most movies are over an hour long. For the hour + to watch a movie and the 10 to 15 minutes it takes to write your summary you will only make up to $7. Books take a lot longer to read and you will still only get paid up to $7 dollars for the summary.
The $7 offer is only available until the end of June 2014. Soon the regular rate, $5, will be reinstated.
There are no residual income opportunities.

Overall, I highly recommend writing summaries for There are plenty of movies and books to summarize/ review and you can make a decent amount of money in your spare time doing something you likely do anyway.

Check it out here:


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