MLM Tip #6: Create a Scrapbook

This is the sixth installment in a series of posts that will help those who have chosen, as I have (read about our business here), to become part of a multi-level-marketing (MLM) type business. These tips can help affiliate marketers, direct sales reps, and network marketers as well.

Eventually these tips will become a video series. These bite sized “nugget posts”, are intentionally short to make it easier for busy business owners to get a good nugget of knowledge quickly. These are tips that my husband and I have found helpful in our own small business, so I am sharing these with you.


MLM Tip #6: Create a Scrap Book

You are probably wondering how creating a scrap book can help you sell more products and/or recruit more people into your multi-level marketing business. Well, it is only a matter of displaying progress. People like pictures and they like to see progress. Also, your pictures will could be the best way to build trust.


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Why you should create a scrapbook to for your multi-level marketing business.


Before and Afters

Have you ever watched an infomercial? Every infomercial seems to have before and after pictures on display. These pictures are, in themselves, testimonials to the products being sold. Before and after pictures tend to impress people. I suggest you use this same idea to impress your prospects. Obviously, an impressed prospect is a more likely to buy than one who underwhelmed by your product. Your scrapbook may take a little while to put together but, since we are thinking of our business on a long term scale, it will be worth it in the end.


Showing Progress

Another way you can fashion your scrapbook is by showing your progress from the beginning (your before) to your current state (your after). Your scrapbook will be a prop in your story that strengthens your why. Also, your pictures will help you build rapport with people as they will see that you are a real person not just a salesman. If you have been in the multi-level marketing profession you know how freaked out people can get when you start getting salesy. It is hard to seem salesy when you are showing people a scrapbook, especially if you go about it in a fun way.

People Like Pictures

If you’ve read my earlier posts you know just how uninformed I was about pictures. Many of my earlier posts had no pictures whatsoever. As a result, even I got tired eyes when reading some of my longer posts. Similarly, people, more specifically prospects of your multi-level marketing business, will start to zone out when you drone on about your product. If you do not have a “just push play” presentation or a slide show presentation, you have probably noticed the glazed look you get when you have been talking about your product for more than ten minutes. A scrapbook could give you a leg up on your multi-level marketing competition because you will be more exciting and engaging than the other guy.

What You Should Put in Your Scrapbook

The obvious answer is pictures. But what kind? The first thing you should show your prospects is your personal before and afters. Not only will this build trust in you and your product, but it will also show that you aren’t bluffing. You can also ask for before and after photos from some of your frequent buyers. On a different note, I suggest making a physical scrapbook so that your multi-level marketing prospects have something to flip through and reference. Also, your physical scrapbook will never die because you forgot to charge the battery.

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