How to Get Paid to Eat.

Do you want to be a professional lunch eater? ┬áThat wouldn’t be your job title, but that is what you could decide to be as a mystery shopper.

How to get Paid to Eat.


“What’s the mystery?” you ask. Why, you are, of course. Mystery shoppers masquerade as regular customers at restaurants to help the owners monitor quality control.

For example, a company or owner hires a mystery shopping agency like iSecret Shop. iSecret Shop hires a contractor, mystery shopper, to scope out the place by buying an item as a nondescript customer.

You, as the contractor, would do a quality check of customer service, cleanliness, all while noting the quality of the food, or whatever your shop instructions direct you to do.

Restaurants are massive consumers of mystery shopping companies. So are grocery stores and department stores.

mystery shopper

How does it work on your end?

Depending on the company you use, the process is simple. All you do is:

  • log into your back office
  • choose the “shop” from the mystery shops available in the queue
  • schedule the day of the shop using the available dates for the shop
  • then execute the plan like a ninja
  • return to the website and upload your findings.

Make sure to follow the directions and the documentation process of the shop or you may not receive your reimbursement plus your pay. I learned that the hard way when I did my first mystery shop for Market Force.
I was supposed to buy a drink with my meal and I totally didn’t. All that work or nothing.


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Please note:

  • There is generally an application process. Most applications for mystery shopping aren't hard.
  • You will have to sign a 1099 form.
  • Pay isn't very high for most restaurant jobs.
  • You might get fat because you decided to mystery shop for several companies and eat lunch out everyday.
  • I am not liable for the state of your body if you abused the mystery shopping advice found on this blog.

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