Save Money: Borrow Books and Get FREE Wifi Daily!

When I was living with my husband’s best friend, Cole, we did not have wireless internet or cable. We were also car-less. We lived in Raleigh, NC, which is a great city to live in because everything is generally within walking distance.
Luckily, I was able to land a job as a waitress at a nearby restaurant. Resourceful as I was, I was able to get free books and free wifi. You want to know how I did this? Are you ready? Everyday I would put my laptop, laptop charging cord, cell phone, and cell phone charging cord into my book-bag and I would walk to the library. I would get up just before the library opened and I would hustle my behind over the the building.You would be surprised how many people forget that the library is a great place to access free wireless internet and to borrow books.
Since every library I have ever been to has had newspapers (complete with classified sections), magazines, books, wifi I found it to be a good place to get free information and indulge my internet addiction. I also find I am more productive in a library type setting. I think that is because it feels like a computer lab at a school. So, if I am searching for a job I find it easier to stay focused on the task at hand instead of goofing off.
Also, when I was younger and living in the sticks, I found that the library left its wifi on overnight. So, if you are really desperate you maybe able to catch a signal at a library after hours. Just don’t look too suspect sitting in the library parking lot at 12 am.

Pros: You can check out books.
You can save on an newspaper subscription by reading the newspapers at the library.
You can access free wifi.
Libraries are a quiet calm place to sit and relax.
They are especially helpful for job seekers because there are so many employment resources.
Metropolitan libraries often have a massive array of books. You could get lost in the stacks, especially if you are a bibliophile.

Cons: You have to take the books you check out back to the library.
If you do not return your books on time you will be fined.
If you lose a book you will have to pay for the lost book.
Some libraries have a limit on the amount of books you can check out per visit.
Libraries close and aren’t open certain days.
If you do not have a personal computer or laptop and you use a computer owned by the library there is a time limit to how many hours you can stay on the computers.

I will write a follow up post on more ways to save on wifi when the library is closed. I will also write another post on how to save on books.

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