Save Money with Cloth Diapers

When I was pregnant with my baby my family was temporarily on medicaid. My husband was changing jobs and I was working full time for minimum wage. It still seemed difficult to make our ends meet. Since I am such a Capricorn I was doing research on how to save money as a new parent (babies are expensive) and I read about cloth diapers and cloth wipes.

You will save money, trees, and late night trips to the store if you buy a few packs of tri-fold diapers, diaper pins, cloth wipes, and plastic pants from Wal-Mart or Craigslist (if you want to pay even less). You are more likely to save money if you wash the diapers yourself. If you procure the services of a diaper pick up and delivery business you will likely spend most of what you save paying the delivery and pick up service. I know it sounds yucky but what do you think all children wore before they came out with the disposable diaper? Your grand parents and some of your parents wore cloth diapers and they had to wash them.

The Math

A case of 128 Huggies brand diapers are $24.99 (before tax) according to That means each diaper is about 5 cents. Every time you change your baby and put him or her in a disposable diaper you are throwing away a nickle. 64 Huggies brand Simply Clean wipes are 1.79 (before tax) that is about 35 cents a wipe. If you make a one time purchase of about $60.00( Wal-Mart) you can have 30 tri-fold cloth diapers, 6 wash cloths for wipes, a pack of 8 diaper pins, and a pack of 8 plastic pants. You would probably spend that much on disposable diapers in less than two weeks and all you would have to show for it would be a pile of stinking garbage.


Sew your own diapers. If you do not have tee-shirts (as shown in the video) you can get a bunch from GCF or any other thrift store for cheap. You would have to buy plastic pants for the diapers you make though.

You can also find diapers in the for sale section on Craigslist. There are a lot of people that have All In One and tri-fold diapers for resale on the site.
I suggest you use an old towel for baby wipes. All you would need to do is cut the towel up into wipe sized squares. If you do not have a towel you are willing to cut up you can go to your nearest thrift store or GCF and buy a couple for cheap.


Wash the diapers daily or every other day.
I have not had a problem washing my cloth diapers with my child’s’ clothes. If this is too much for you then wash the diapers separately.
For more savings let the diapers air dry overnight.
If you have a poopy diaper and you are not ready to wash it yet just rinse it or soak it in water to avoid stains.
BE CAREFUL WITH THE DIAPER PINS. You do not want your baby to be stuck with a pin. If you are worried there are alternatives to pins. Here is an example: Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener
When my child has a poopy diaper I use toilet paper to wipe up the bulk of the mess and wet cloth wipes to make sure she is clean.
The only time I suggest using paper diapers and wipes is on long trips or long periods of time away from home. If you only have cloth diapers invest in a water proof bag to keep them in. You could also just use a trash bag.
If you choose to use tri-folds double diaper your baby at night and for long naps.

Pros: Cloth diapers are reusable and washable.
You will save money.

Cons: They are less convenient than disposables.
They smell (like any other type of diaper) if left to sit too long.
They may stain.

There are other kinds of more expensive cloth diapers that I will do a post on later but tri-folds are the ones you will save the most money with.

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