Save Money on Texting

Hello Jacks and Jills,

I was perusing the Chrome Web Store when I came across an interesting extension. The extension I came across is called TextNow.

Here is what the extension offers from the site: 

Get your own dedicated phone number to send and receive real unlimited texts, for free.Highlights: – Get your very own dedicated phone number – Send & receive unlimited texts, for free! – Real texting: text ALL your friends, on any device and any carrier – Take your phone number and texts anywhere – all messages seamlessly synchronize between and your Android or iOS device.

The extension has a four out of five rating. I haven’t tried it myself but my research shows that it is legit. However the reviews of the app do reveal a few issues.

  • Some texts show up an hour or so late. (2014)
  • You can’t send pictures.(2013)
  • Some people have issues with the app loading. (2013)
  • Some people have issues with the app sending messages. (2013)
  • You have to get approval from the extension to delete your account.(2013)
A lot of people that have reviewed this extension love the extension, however. I seems worth a try. I suggest reading some of the review before making the decision to download the extension. 

 To get the extension: 

1. Be a Chrome user.
2. Go to the Google Web Store.
3. Search TextNow in the search box.
4. Click the first link.
5. Click the +Free link.

6. Confirm the extension.
7. Set up your account.
I hope this helps someone. 
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