Save Money Using Craigslist

Craigslist is one of those sites that has just about everything on it. You can find a girlfriend or coupons for the nearest Smoothie King on Craigslist. So, as you can imagine, you can also find ways to save money using the site.
The main way I save money with Craigslist is by using the free section there. Since I live in a metropolitan area there is a bigger chance of me finding some cool and useful things in the free section.
Basically what the free section is is a place for people to give away things that they do not want anymore. For example, I just did a search for in the free section and I found this:

I’ve seen so many of these I could populate a whole piano store. There are so many people on Craigslist’s free section giving away everything from free pianos to free tomato seedlings. That includes free bags of baby clothes, free food, free scrap metal. I have even seen a free mobile home.
You can post ISO ad’s in the Craigslist free section as well. ISO (In Search Of) ad’s are ad’s stating that you are in search of something specific. You post the ad and wait for someone to respond. Sometimes you will get a response and sometimes you will not. I love the “curb alert” ad’s because that means I can drop by the ad poster’s house and pick up the item they are getting rid of without having to talk to the person.  Some people may want to talk to the poster to see what the history of the item is though.
Pro: You get free sometimes valuable stuff.
You get free stuff.
You can populate your house or find much needed items in the free section.
Cons: Sometimes the ad does not accurately describe the item. 
Sometimes items you want get taken before you can get them.
Sometimes the posters post a lot of things and you only want one item but they will only let you have that one thing if you take the whole lot.
A lot of the valuable items in the free section are broken or worrisome to handle. 
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