Save Money with Gift Giving Holidays

You know how you get all kinds of stuff you want around Christmas, birthdays, Hanukkah, and other gift giving holidays? When your friends or family ask you what you want you might say you want frivolous things like ipods, electronic tablets, and the like. Instead of asking for stuff you that you do not absolutely need why don’t you ask for things you truly need.

I don’t know about y’all but I can’t shove an iphone in my gas tank to get to work. It is also difficult to buy groceries with an expensive pair of ear rings.I would prefer to have food and gas rather than extravagant things any day. So last Christmas, instead of asking for expensive clothes, electronic toys, and other things I did not need I asked for useful and much needed household items. My in-laws and other family members looked at my list and thought it was odd but many of them dutifully bought me what I asked for.
Last Year’s List:

Pots and Pans
Gift Cards (Wal-Mart, Food Lion, Lowes Foods, GCF, etc.)
Clothe Diapers
   diaper pins
   plastic pants
Bread Machine
Vacuum Cleaner
Stuff for my baby
   clothes, shoes, socks, wipes, diapers, rags, soap…
I received pots and pans, grocery related gift cards, two bread machines, two blenders, silverware, and glassware. Since many of our household items were broken or raggedy and we were on a budget,  it was helpful to get these things for free. My in-laws actually bought some of the things I asked from from places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. When I looked at the gift receipts I was amazed at how much money these things would cost at full price.
My grandmother loved to shop and get us a lot of things. Some of the things she got for us we did not truly need and many of those things we never used. If you have a friend or relative who is like this try and convince them that their money is better spent if they just give you the cash. Assure them that any amount they give you is money better spent than if they got you something you will never use.
Don’t be afraid to ask for bill money.
I know it isn’t ideal to receive plates and spoons for Christmas instead of Gameboys and Play Stations but it will potentially save you a lot of money.
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