Savings Tip # 1: Use It ALL!

Savings Tip #1: Use It All!!

As stated in a previous post, I will be writing shorter, but no less helpful, posts for you all. This is the first in a long list of tips that can help you save money.

You have probably had the experience of having the last little bit of toothpaste stuck in the tube or you have had a pump bottle of lotion that has decided you aren’t getting the lotion in the bottom of the bottle. It is frustrating, annoying, and most people I know simply throw that last little bit out with the trash.

What’s a few cent here and there, right? WRONG! Think about it; pennies turn into dollars over the course of time. This is especially rue if you think of savings on a large scale. Wouldn’t it be better to use the whole product instead of deliberately throwing out part of what you paid for?

You could continue to hemorrhage money or you can do what I do. Grab a pair of scissors or a knife, carefully cut open the packaging  of  the product that is stubborn or unreachable, make that last bit accessible, and USE IT ALL. Part of saving money is not wasting the money you have already spent.


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