Savings Tip #2 Use This Bottled Water Alternative

Is someone in your family addicted to buying and consuming bottled water? Many people buy cases and cases of bottled water from the store for everyday drinking purposes and the out of pocket cost and the strain on the planet isn’t cheap. Importantly, buying bottled water is was real leak in the budget and if you are looking to save money you can easily plug the leak.

How Do I Plug the Leak?

If you want to plug this leak, do not buying bottled water. Simple, right? With that, you are probably wondering, “what is the bottled water monster going to drink if I don’t buy bottled water?”
There are a couple of things you could do. You can simply drink from the tap, OR you can buy a Brita Pitcher or other water pitcher with a filter. We use a Brita Pitcher so that is the one I am going to talk about in this post.

Trust me, the one time cost of the filtered water pitcher, coupled with the complete end of you buying bottled water, will save you thousands over a short period of time. I am an advocate for buying a water pitcher with a filtration device because it will cut down on your fluoride intake. Yes, there is industrial flouride being pumped into most American taps and it isn’t healthy. Do your research!

Well I Can’t Guarentee the Water “insert any place away from home” Has Filtered Water and I Can’t Take My Pitcher With Me.

If you are concerned about drinking water that is not filtered and use this as a reason to buy bottled water, know that there is another option. There are plenty of portable and reusable water bottles that incorporate a filter into the make up of the bottle. So, for a one time purchase of a water bottle with a filter you can eliminate buying water while you are away from home. You are free to get water from any sink or water fountain you come across and you don’t have to pay for it.

You can see where the savings comes in. Quit buying water and save lots of money!
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