Savings Tip #3: “Un-paper” Towels

Sometimes it seems like the leak in my budget is my husband. He likes to use paper towels for everything from cleaning up spills to wiping the kids faces. I realized one day that all of those things can be cleaned up without the use of paper. There is a reusable money saving option.

What is the Alternative?

The alternative to constantly restocking your supply of paper-paper towels is to buy or make your own un-paper towels. Un-paper towels are basically towels you specifically designate to replace paper towels.

For mine, I went to GCF, spent about five dollars, and bought everything I needed to make my paper towel alternative. My purchase included terry cloth towels and some felt. I already had snaps, a snap tool, thread, and a sewing machine to make my paper towels with. You do not have a sewing machine you can hand sew yours.

My un-paper towels don’t look as professional as the ones that sell for $60 but they do the job, they are reusable, and they were very cheap to make.

Homemade Un-Paper Towels

You can buy pretty un-paper towels or you can just use tea towels.

The whole point is to eliminate buying paper towels and to swap paper for something that is reusable, washable, and that functions the same way.


It is pretty easy.


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