Savings Tip #6: Stop Buying Toilet Paper

Now, I know what you are probably thinking. What the *bleep* is she talking about now? I think I was watching Extreme Cheapskates when I saw this idea. Basically you stop buying toilet paper and use cloth instead. This is another one of those savings tips that isn’t for everyone. However, if you can get over the yuck of having to wash your toilet wipes you could save a lot of money over time.

You can make your wipes out of any old t-shirt or old sheet or anything you want to wipe your bum with. If you do not have any clothes that you want to cut up and use as wipes you can buy some cheap clothes or rags from GCF or a dollar store.

It is also a way to save money that people who really need to save money may seriously consider. If you combine this tip with Savings Tip #1Savings Tip # 3, Savings Tip # 4, and Savings Tip #5 you could save a lot of money even if you invest a bit in the beginning.


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