Sell Your Breast Milk for Cash

I am not quite sure where I came across the idea or why I originally researched the information but, just like everything else, there is a market for breast milk. I came across a couple websites that could be useful to lactating mothers who are strapped for cash, have an abundance of breast milk, and would like to share their milk with babies in need.

Mothers Milk Coop

MothersMilkCoop is a  place women can sell their breast milk. The Coop, unlike OnlyTheBreast, requires you to successfully apply. If you do not pass the application process you cannot sell your milk to the Coop. See how to become a donor here.  
Milk is being bought for $1 an ounce and the minimum donation for the milk money program is 300 ounces. The first 100 ounces of your 300 ounce donation is going to be tested to see if it is suitable for sale. All milk is processed and intended for babies in need.
Women from all around the country can sell their milk to the Coop which is headquartered in Oregon.  This is a wonderful option for a woman with an abundance of milk who wants to help a baby who otherwise would not get a safe supply of breast milk.

Coop Donor FAQs
Apply Here
Other information you may want to know (milk testing, blood testing, etc.)

I have not personally sold my breast milk but I came across a website, similar to Craigslist, solely for people who are looking to sell and buy breast milk. OnlyTheBreast has been featured on several big name media outlets like ABC, Dr. Oz, and Dailymail.  OnlyTheBreast allows lactating women to sell their milk or wet nursing services.

There are a few questions you may what to answer when you are thinking about selling your milk.

  1. Will your child have enough milk is you sell your milk?
  2. How do you feel about men doing God knows what with a product your body made? (OnlyTheBreast allows men to post ads on the boards.)
  3. How do you feel about nursing babies that are not your biological spawn (otherwise known as wet nursing)?
  4. Are you conflicted about selling milk instead of donating it?
  5. Do you want to help babies who otherwise do not have access to breast milk while making a profit?
Though there are some fetishists looking for breast milk on OnlyTheBreast  there are also mothers and fathers looking to find milk for babies who otherwise would not have access to breast milk, liquid gold. I have seen some posts selling milk for as much as $3.00.
I know this particular way to make money is not for everybody. I thought the help the babies could get from mothers willing to milkshare outweighed the section of the site that allows men to post ads for milk. I do suggest anyone who is considering doing this to be very cautious, to thoroughly screen the people who you are considering selling your milk to, and again be careful.

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