Start a Blog to Get More MLM Recruits (Tip 3/10)

In the third installment of the How to Get More MLM Recruits series of posts that will help those who have chosen, as I have, to become part of a multi-level-marketing (MLM) type business. These tips can also help affiliate marketers, direct sales reps, and network marketers as well. Eventually these tips will become a video series.
These bite sized “nugget posts”, are intentionally short to make it easier for busy business owners to swoop in, get a good nugget of knowledge, and rush back to their busy business life. These are tips that my husband and I have found helpful in our own small business.

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Start a Blog


Starting a blog is a great way to constantly put your items, products, or services in front  of potential customers without bugging them too much. It can be especially good for direct sales reps, network marketers, affiliate marketers, and small business owners because bloggers can write a post one time and have many people read it without you doing more work.  This is a super involved way to eventually automate your recruiting process, pre-qualify potential recruits, and also sell a lot of products.  This method leverages the power of the internet, makes you an authority (if you do the work and consistently add value to others’ lives constantly), and can have warm market people coming to you instead of you going into cold market.
This method is for people people who love and believe in what they are selling.  Doing this is time consuming and takes a lot of work but can pay off big in the end.

How to Decide If a Blog is Right For You

You will need to answer a few questions to make sure this is the route you want to take:
  1. Is this business something I am passionate about?
  2. Do I really believe in the tenets of this business?
  3. Am I willing to write or pay someone to write 3 to 4 quality posts relating to items I am selling?
  4. Is writing fun for me?
  5. Can I see myself writing about this MLM in 10 years?

If  you answered “no” to the first two questions, then the business you are in is not the right business for you. If the answer to the last three questions is “no” then a blog may not be for you. If you love to write and love your business, then a blog could be a great long term way for you to help a lot of people with the products or services you sell.

 Things You Will Need to Successfully Sell Your Services or Products on Your Blog:
  1. A domain name.
  2. Hosting.
  3. Consistent and quality content which helps your become a trusted authority in your niche.
  4. Lots of quality traffic.
  5. A subscriber list.

This list is super super simplified but this is basically what you will need to make your blog successful. There are all kinds of ways hosting services out there, but I suggest BlueHost and WordPress. BlueHost makes it easy to use WordPress, gives you a free domain, and has a great support team. Using BlueHost was the easiest way to set up my blog and that is why I recommend it. It is super affordable too.

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