Transcription Tips to Transcribe Audio Quickly and Accurately


If you have ever searched for a work-at-home or telecommuting job in the past, you have probably come across transcription as a popular option. Basically, all transcription is is typing what you hear in an audio file. As a semi-experience transcriptionist, I have come across a few ways to quickly transcribe audio with a high level of accuracy. How to […]

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How I’ve Made Money Online: ZeroChaos (Video)


Have you ever wondered how to make enough money online to support yourself? I did too and it took me a couple of years of working in a difficult position in a difficult place to finally commit to finding a different job that would fit in my life better. At the time I had just had my first daughter and […]

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10 Ways to Monetize your Free Time

Having free time is a wonderful thing, especially since we are becoming more and more accessible to our bosses when we are not physically at work. However, some people have more free time than money, which can be a problem if you still have some ends that need to meet.  If you are one of the people who ends up […]

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How I’ve Made Money Online: (Video)

money online

I decided to do a video series in which I discussed all the ways I have made money online. This is part one in the series. I talk about a now defunct review site that I freelanced with for a few months. You can read more about here.  I accidentally said that I will be back tomorrow with another […]

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The Number One Goal of the Work at Home Maiden

work at home maiden blog goals

Hello Work at Home Maiden Readers,   First, I would like to thank you for being a reader and viewing my posts and other content. Your attention is so very appreciated. This is just a short post stating the goal of this blog. My main goal for writing and posting on is to help visitors of this site achieve […]

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