Transcription Tips to Transcribe Audio Quickly and Accurately

If you have ever searched for a work-at-home or telecommuting job in the past, you have probably come across transcription as a popular option.

Basically, all transcription is is typing what you hear in an audio file.

As a semi-experience transcriptionist, I have come across a few ways to quickly transcribe audio with a high level of accuracy.


How to Transcribe Audio Quickly and Accurately.

At times transcribing audio can be tedious and time consuming. A lot of people never apply for transcription jobs because they think it won’t be worth the money.

This is only true if you are not fast and precise.

Let’s tackle the speed issues first. If you do not have a words-per-minute-average around 50-75 this kind of work can be difficult.

There are deadlines to meet and customers to keep happy. That kind of pressure can be enough to keep people from entering the transcription game at all.

Well, here is the first way I’ve come across that will help cut your transcription time down greatly. 

The way I have found is to dictate what you hear into a TTS program.


What is TTS?

TTS literally stands for talk to text. I know it sounds weird but using a TTS program to dictate the words I hear in an audio file has cut my time down dramatically.

Less time spent transcribing one audio file means more time I can use to transcribe other projects. More projects means more money.  I know you get the idea here.

You might think TTS programs are expensive and they can be. Programs like Dragon can be $36+ and if you are going to make transcription a career I recommend quality programs like this.

However, if you are just testing out transcription as a potential second job, I recommend using a free extension from the Google Chrome store.

I made a video about using dictation in which my TTS extension recommendations can be found.


Now on the issue of transcription accuracy.

Being a expedient transcriptionist will do you no good if you’re work is full of mistakes. Below are a few tips that will help you transcribe audio files with high accuracy.

  1. Use headphones.
  2. Work in a quiet environment
  3. Consider using a foot pedal
  4. Read your guidelines several times
  5. Sit in an up right position with your feet flat on the floor
  6. Read over your work before submitting it
  7. Take breaks when transcribing long audios
  8. Consult some else when you come across difficult audio



I hope this helps. If it did let me know by commenting below.

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