Turkers, Maximize Your Profits

Hello Jacks and Jills,

I recently fell into the world of turking with Amazon’s mTurk. I don’t know the exact definition of what a turk is. However, in relation to Amazon, it is a person who does “micro jobs” that have been “crowd-sourced” by other people or businesses. For example, Agent Agent often posts jobs requesting people to choose smart phone application logos by looking at pictures and answering a few questions. There are literally over 300,000 HIT’s to do at any given time. They range from transcription to surveys. I have known about the site for quite some time but I thought doing short tasks for pennies was pointless.
That changed when I came across a subreddit called HIT’sWorthTurkingFor. If you are a seasoned turker you may know about the subreddit. If you are new like I basically am you may want to check this subreddit out. It is a community of other turkers who share the best HIT’s they have done. Many of them have done research using TurkOpticon, a web browser extension that allows you to see other turkers’ reviews of “employers.” After the extension is downloaded the results of reviewed employers show up directly on the site.

There are other forums and tools that can help you make more money turking but these are the two that have helped me. I have avoided doing jobs for which I will not be paid, I have made a lot more money than I would have on my own, and I have gotten the most for my time and effort.

Get Turking!

I will do a followup post on mTurk at a later date.

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