Make Money Fully Clothed Recruiting Adult Talent 18+

If you are interested in making money in the adult industry but don’t want to splash your naked body all over the internet there is one opportunity you might want to look into, webcam model recruiter.

Being  involved the adult industry can be a controversial thing but I considered this job to be on the lower end of the spectrum.

If this isn’t for you read no more of this post. Check out the job leads board for something less risque.

What do webcam recruiters do?

Recruiters simply connect potential webcam models with the company they work with. I know that sounds basic but that is pretty much all webcam model recruiters do.

How do recruiters find models?

These days the main ways recruiters find webcam models is by posting ads on Craigslist, LustJobs, etc. Another way is to place a banner ad and pay for advertising on relevant sites. I would recommend this after you have made some money with free recruiting methods.


How much can recruiters make?

Since webcam recruiters get paid commission, the sky is generally the limit on how much they can get paid. Different sites pay different percentages of what the recruits make to the recruiter that recruited the model. Some sites pay commissions for the life of the model/cam-site work relationship. Also, the hours for this type of job are fully up to you, so you can work as little or as much as you want. Your pay is based on the effort you put into recruiting.

What is the application process like?

The process is different for different companies, however, most application processes are done totally over the net. You will likely have to prove you are 18 or older by sending a photocopy of your state issued ID via email or fax. You will probably have to fill out basic information like name, address, experience, proof of age, and fill out a W-9.

Where can I sign up?

There are lots of places you can sign up as a webcam recruiter but the place I recommend is has been in business since 1998, is one of the largest camming companies out there, and and they pay you whether you’ve made $.10 or $1,000. Note that only pays you after the model you recruited gets paid.

To find other jobs like this one, I recommend


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